It's like having your own personal chauffeur. Worldwide car service.


We are incredibly proud and thankful for our customers' endorsement of our services. Here are a few:

"I have nothing but positive things to say about the service and  professionalism of Smooth Ride Limousine Service. When the flight  bringing me and my buddies back from Christmas leave was delayed and we  landed 2 hours late at JFK I completely expected to have to arrange some  other transportation. For someone to wait two hours without input was  not the reasonable thing to expect of a guy trying to run a business,  but Nathan stayed for us, he also waited another 3 hours for us while we  unsuccessfully tried to locate our luggage and then accepted two more  unexpected passengers. That level of service by itself convinced me that  this service is committed to the satisfaction of its customers, and as I  discovered later that night when our driver made a Denny's run for 4  hungry cadets, it is committed to their human needs as well!"

-- Cadet James P, Class of '09, US Military Academy

"As an executive assistant, I am constantly booking trips for the CEO of the company that employs me. He was consistently getting frustrated because we would deal with a variety of limo services that did no-shows or late arrivals, poor communications, unprofessional attitudes, and unethical measures to bill for services not meeting up to standards (i.e. CEO gets off the plane and there is no driver waiting for him, he gets frustrated waiting and catches a cab. The driver shows up late, there is no passenger, and we get billed for a passenger no-show).

With Smooth Ride Limo, I know that the driver will be there on-time or that contact will be made to the passenger regarding unforeseen issues. The CEO I support is very pleased with the services which not only makes his life easier, but mine as well.

No more nightmarish experiences for me or those I represent.....Smooth Ride Limo ensures that it will indeed be a smooth ride.


-- Walter B, Administrative Assistant

"I began working with Nathan about 5 months ago after my assistant  searched online to find a more cost-effective car service for travel to  the New York area airports.  From the beginning Nate has impressed me  with consistently superior service.  Nate is courteous, efficient and  flexible.  He goes out of his way to make travel comfortable and  enjoyable. Because of the nature of my business I often get called away  last minute or am required to make sudden adjustments to my schedule.  I  know I can rely on Nate to respond promptly to service requests and to  accommodate my travel needs.  I now use Smooth Ride Limousine  exclusively and highly recommend them to other travelers."

-- Sammy D.

"I have been using Smooth Ride Limousine for a year. I have made quite a  few trips during that time and am totally satisfied with the service.  It is professional, courteous and most of all reliable. I could not  recommend any service more highly than Smooth Ride."

-- Denise F.

"I travel a lot for work and for pleasure.  Whenever I have the need for  a car service, the only one I ever call is Smooth Ride Limousine.  I  have never had a problem getting in touch with them to schedule a pick  up, I never have to wait, and actually they are usually waiting for me.   The cars are beautiful and clean.  It is always more like going with a  friend than a car service.  I recommend them to everyone and anyone who  is looking for a car service."

-- Joann Y.

"Hello all:
I am sending this email to share my experience with an  amazing car service that I used last week for my trip to Venice. I truly  recommend this company for many reasons and to name a few:

  • Fixed rate (includes everything, absolutely no added surprise)
  • Low rate for airport ride
  • Comes early and parks so you can relax and not worry  about leaving on time (he arrived half an hour early and parked in my  driveway and waited)
  • For airport arrivals they check your arrival and are  there to greet you.  We arrived one hour early and he was there waiting  for us.
  • Very comfortable and smooth ride. Car was luxurious and extremely clean.
  • Extremely courteous drivers"

-- Valerie S.

"Good morning!

Greetings to you and your wife.  I hope you  have had a great month.  Thank you again for your wonderful service.  I  arrived in and returned safely from Kenya.  I appreciated your serene  and trouble-free transport there.  I wish you both a happy Labor Day  weekend and continued success.  It was a pleasure working with you both!         

Monica D"

"I first met Nathan at Newark airport during a snowstorm when the other  black car company that I hired did not show.  Despite the blizzard he  drove me to Westchester and then my mother to Manhattan. There were no  other cars on the road and the roads were very bad. After that I never  used anyone but Nathan for all my trips. He is always punctual, the cars  are always clean, he is well dressed, and he always has a smile on his  face. There is no reason to consider any other car or limousine service."

-- Kevin Jay Kohn

"Thank you for another superb day of support during our recent client meetings in New York. Once again, you enabled us to execute our business  schedule with precision, and your umbrella was very much appreciated as  well! I appreciate your continuing support and look forward to our next client road show with you in New York.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey B. Hill"

"I have used Smooth Ride Limousine several times and have  always been extremely satisfied and even impressed.  The cars are  immaculate and comfortable.  They communicate clearly from the  reservation confirmation to when the driver is on their way.  I always  like to know the name of who is picking me up.

I recently had a delayed flight and Nathan monitored my  flight and picked me up super late.  After such a stressful time trying  to get home, a friendly face was very much appreciated.

All that said, they are dependable and professional.  I  would recommend Smooth Ride Limo without hesitation.  Keep up the good  work!

See your for my next trip!"

-- Steven B.

 A beautiful endorsement from Elsa and Tom:


This took a while, for the Bard to ponder such a serious matter. But here it is:

We've been to airports everywhere

In cars of every kind

But Smooth Ride Limo, I must say,

Has really been a find.

In comfort warm, or comfort cool,

Depending on your need

You're ferried where you want to go

At the appropriate speed.

They always show up right on time

With smile and helpful hand

And get you there with time to spare

To fly to sun and sand.

We hold Smooth Ride in high esteem

And truly recommend

You with them any time

At trip's beginning and its end."

 Hey Nathan,

I am Scott Harper, we flew in last wee from Edinburgh, Scotland and you drove my wife and I down to LaGuardia and ordered wings for us.

First of all, I wanted to thank you for being an amazing driver, host and tour guide during out drive south.  And I will say, the wings were the best ever, and the duck sauce was amazing.  Best we have ever had, thank you.  I really appreciated you being there early for us and the professionalism you presented when not having the correct number.  Again, Thank You!

Thank you again for an amazing ride and foodie hook up.

Be Blessed and drive safe.

Scott and Sarah Harper